Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Economic Grinch Won't Steal Christmas 2008

Larry Dean Stewart (1948-2007) of Kansas City, a self made millionaire, came up with a partial solution to the economic Grinch back in 1979 when he was fired from his job.

On that day, he went to lunch and tipped the waitress $20. The look on her face was priceless! It gave him another million dollar idea - the Secret Santa.

Every December, from 1979 until his death in 2007, Larry gave away money totaling over one million dollars in $100 bills to needy individuals in stores and on the street in Kansas City, Phoenix, and St. Louis, as The Secret Santa. He kept his true identity secret until the last few years of his life for security reasons, plus he didn’t need kudos for his philanthropic efforts to help those in need.

Larry's friends and relatives are carrying on that tradition coast-to-coast, today, based on a promise they made to him in 2007. A whole Secret Santa Society has been formed and author, Donna McGuire, and World 2 Publishing, LLC, have released a book to support the effort titled Santa’s Secret.

Most of us are busy with our lives and are not millionaires, but every contribution helps the cause. Maybe some of us have an extra $20, the price of the book?

If everyone would buy a copy of this book in support of Secret Santa, thousands of families will enjoy a brighter Christmas and the economic Grinch will not steal Christmas 2008.

The official Secret Santa Society website is located at:

Please support this effort. You can click on the book jacket photo above to order books.

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