Friday, November 7, 2008

Money - Something to Ponder

Paloma has strengthened into a category four hurricane as it heads towards the Cayman Islands, while in the U.S., President-elect Barack Obama is busy deciding on a new Treasury Secretary.

The Dow has dropped another 500 points and there is now a Depend® dispenser at the Federal Reserve.

Notice anything unusual?

The powers that be have screwed up the global economy, so now mother nature is on a roll to get even, trying to wipe out their $3 trillion off-shore bank accounts.

Its enough to make you want to invest your 401k in the NCAA Division III Swimming and Diving Championships.

Just like at the track, people in Washington, DC, are laying odds on Obama's choice for Treasury Secretary: Timothy Geithner (2 to 1); Lawrence Summers (5 to 2); Paul Volcker (12 to 1); Sheila Bair (15 to 1); Jamie Dimon (30 to 1); Robert Rubin (32 to 1); and recovering spendthrift, Marc Rich (100 to 1). It is not clear what the actual point spread is, or the identity of the bookie.

We do know that Warren Buffett is on Obama's 17-member economic advisory team. Warren is well-known for being frugal. He's the only billionaire I know of, who eats hamburgers on a regular basis, someone the average American can identify with.

This afternoon, President-elect Barack Obama and his VP, Joe Biden, will address the nation regarding the economy. At the same time, Michelle's interior decorator will be meeting with the FBI to determine the best hiding places for bugging devices that will not interfere with the new decor.

As of this writing, they were still trying to decide where to put the "zhlob" chair for foreign diplomats when they visit the White House. I heard the term used only once "We'll put Vladimir in the zhlob chair." I'm not sure, but I think "zhlob" is a Secret Service code word for something. No one will tell.

"God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change,
courage to change the things we can,
and the money to make a difference."

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