Friday, October 17, 2008

Sarah Palin to Guest on Saturday Night Live

This week on “Saturday Night Live(SNL)" Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin is scheduled to appear. The popular show has already parodied Governor Palin using Tina Fey as the character, and has now decided to have Palin make a real appearance.

This week’s show will be hosted by Josh Brolin, who portrays President Bush in Oliver Stone's new movie, "W." Jill Hazelbaker, a Republican campaign spokeswoman, will not divulge what the real Governor Palin will do on the show.

John McCain once hosted SNL and Obama appeared on it once. It is a popular and politically correct stop on the campaign trail.

Back in Little Italy, I asked around the street, “What do you think she will do on SNL?”

Grandma Russo’s friend, Giancana said “Buongiorno, why you give a crap, ey? Nutting will change if she’s a win. I still owe on April 15th, maybe more, now theres gonna be a new Godfather.”

She turned to pay for her cooked Prosciutto, and added “Ma! nexa month, they gonna serve buffalo here, justa like the politicians.”

Her daughter, Maria said “You know she’ll wear lipstick.”

Sammy the butcher put his two cents in that she would go moose hunting wearing a "Sara Barracuda" T-shirt.

Old Mrs. Rizzo said that Sarah should get her "progressive, competitive attitude" over to Esposito's and stimulate the economy. "Never mind SNL!" she said.

Grumpy Harry's was selling Palin-style reading glasses in 125 strength to coke bottle, as if it were a fire sale.

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