Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall - Celebrate With a Great "Late for Work" Excuse

As of 11:44:16 EDT, Monday, September 22, 2008, the first day of fall kicked in. What better way to celebrate the occasion than falling behind schedule and making up some bizarre reason for being late for work.

I checked into the most popular excuses for being late and also polled a few managers to find out the most outrageous excuses they were given. Here are the top 10:

1. While rowing across the river to work, I got lost in the fog. (MSN, Careers)
2. My kid stole my car, so I couldn’t drive to work
3. The line was too long at Duncan Donuts
4. Someone stole my hub caps
5. My normal route to work was barricaded for a tailgate party and I stopped for pulled pork
6. The guy next to me was picking his nose at a traffic light and I was out of barf bags, so I had to pull over
7. I didn't have money for gas because all of the pawnshops were closed (MSN, Careers)
8. I was trying to get my gun back from the police (MSN, Careers)
9. As I left the deli, someone stole my cheese
10. I logged on to YouTube this morning and lost track of time

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