Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sasquatch Southern Style

In the latest episode of “Sasquatch is Real,” we have Matt Whitton, an officer on medical leave from the Clayton County (GA) Police Department, and Rick Dyer, a former corrections officer, who claim they bagged the dead beast in northern Georgia. They teamed up with Tom Biscardi, the head of a group called Searching for Bigfoot and came up with a scathingly brilliant idea - freezing the body as proof that the Yeti is real. Mr. Biscardi told reporters that he estimates there are over 7,000 Bigfoot creatures living in the U.S. The DNA test failed, but Dyer insists, "They don't have a choice to believe us. We have a body and more tests are underway."

I asked myself, why would Chewbacca and friends go to Georgia? Then it hit me, for the Budweiser and beef jerky.

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Horace J. Digby said...


I don't know if they are real, but according to Google Earth a sasquatch sighting has been reported at points both East and West of my home.

Your pal,
Horace J. Digby